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exploratory cover our first cd, released on 2000.02.26, corresponding with the second performance of visit to a small planet at hilliard davidson high school. this is actually intended more as a demo compilation than a typical release. many of these have turned into improvisational heads later used in live performances.
a few tracks are available for preview:
»davongerumpelt01:34[ 1 504k ]
»ftl04:14[ 4 072k ]
»marimba solo  
»out of range  
»a strong east wind  
»the forest  
»point of departure  
»pixelmovie three soundtrack  
»ethereal flow  
»1638501:49[ 1 759k ]
»string movement in c minor  
total available for download:07:37[ 7 335k ]
if you would like a copy...
the full album is available for download at
feline line regulator
steve's cat among some cables introducing the feline line regulator: this innovative device automatically detects areas of problematic line noise and promptly locates itself in said location, then lies down. a vocal oscillation is created, in phase with the unwanted line noise, and inverse polarity, such that the line noise is cancelled out. also includes "sleep" feature, automatically instated when not in use.
  • input requirements: ac powerline or analogue signal line. 1 (one) can fancy feast
  • output: 10 decipurrs
  • maximum operation time: 15 minutes

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