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pragmatic illusion :: live :: 1999.03.15 - hdvhs variety show

  • when: 1999.03.15, morning and evening.
  • where: hilliard davidson high school
this was the first of three appearances at our high school variety show. robby christ ran a set of computer animations projected onto the auditorium screen behind steve and brad.
evening concert
»sharks03:21[ 3 220k ]
a few seconds of the beginning are cut off in this recording.
  • steve mokris - synth harpsi, sequencing
  • brad mellen - zeta bass, piano
»ftl / hocus pocus02:20[ 2 250k ]
the second section is based on an untitled piece of music from an apogee computer game, written by george alistair sanger.
  • steve - synth guitar, synth percussion, sequencing
  • brad - synth marimba
»finale (from solstice) (tim follin)02:08[ 2 050k ]
this is based on excerpts from the soundtrack to "solstice", a game for the nintendo entertainment system.
  • brad - synth pad
  • steve - synthdrums
total available for download:07:49[ 7 520k ]
  • steve - kurzweil k2vx
  • brad - yamaha psr520, zeta electric upright bass
  • robby - graphics computer / tapedeck

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